Well Child Tamariki Ora

B4 School Check

The B4Schoolcheck (B4SC) is the 8th and final free wellchild health and development check offered to all children between the ages of 4-5 years. In South Canterbury this check is delivered by Public Health Nurses at an agreed venue and is offered in Timaru and all outlying areas in South Canterbury.

  • The B4SC is a nationwide Ministry of Health Programme to ensure children are prepared for school.
  • The purpose of the B4SC is to promote health and well-being in pre-school children and identify behavioural, developmental or other health concerns that may adversely affect the child’s ability to learn in the school environment.
  • Fulfilling this purpose ensures that children start school able to participate to the best of their ability.

The B4SC covers child health, development and behaviours. Consisting of:

  • Child Health Questionnaire.
  • Vision and hearing screen.
  • Oral health.
  • Height and weight measurements.
  • Immunisation Discussion.
  • Developmental assessment (PEDS).
  • Behaviour assessment (SDQP/SDQT) – (questionnaire completed by parents and teachers in discussion with health practitioners).
  • Appropriate and timely referrals will be made if problems are identified.
  • Location

    Public Health Nursing
    18 Woolcombe Street
    Timaru 7910

    Contact Information

    B4SC administrator: 03 687 2319
    Vision and Hearing Technician: 03 687 2327
    Public Health Nursing: 03 687 2320

    Referral Information

    Referrals are accepted from GP’s, Plunket, Paediatrician, CYFS, Early Childhood Centres, Self, or other  Names of children are supplied from a national database from the Ministry of Health. Any enquiries regarding the B4SC programme please contact the B4SC administrator mentioned above on 03 687 2319

    Key Health Professionals

    Public Health Nurses