Health of Older Persons (HOPS)

The community HOPS is part of a multidisciplinary team providing Geriatric assessment, Psycho geriatric assessment, nursing assessment, referral to allied health and care co-ordination services.

The aim of our services is to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults in both the community and in aged residential care throughout our district.

  • Assessment and treatment of patients living in the community, provision of hospital based clinics.
  • Referrals to members of our Multidisciplinary team, e.g. Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers.
  • Referral to community supports, e.g.  Alzheimers SC, Stay on your feet programme, Accredited Visiting Services, Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC), Caring for Carers.
  • Support with Advance Care Planning (ACP). Oversight of the "First Home" service. This service provides support and rehabilitation for people in their own home for up to six weeks.
  • Assessment, monitoring and support to people who are managing chronic long-term conditions, e.g. Dementia and related behaviour problems, Parkinson's, Heart Disease.
  • Service works closely in consultation with your General Practitioner.

AT&R Reception
Level 3, Timaru Hospital
Queen Street
Timaru, 7910

Contact Information

Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit (AT&R)
Phone: 03 687 2280
Fax: 03 687 2281

Referral Information

Your GP will refer you to this service if they feel you would benefit from seeing a multidisciplinary  team  to assist with any difficulties related to illness affecting you in old age or if they feel you would benefit from a specialist doctor's or nurse's advice regarding your medical condition.

Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination assessors can also refer into the HOPS team.