The Department of Anaesthesia is the largest in the hospital. It currently has 13 permanent anaesthetists, all of whom have undergone specialist training as rigorous as that of a surgeon and who are accredited to specialist level. Additionally, as the only department accredited for advanced specialist training, it welcomes a single registrar on a valued three-month rotation from Christchurch in a formal training relationship that spans over twenty years.

Although traditionally thought of as being an 'operating theatre' specialty, Anaesthetists play a unique and vital role in the delivery of healthcare throughout the hospital and, in certain areas, to the community at large. The list below will give you a flavour of the broad range of skills and expertise that the Department gives to the local community.

  • Operating Theatres: Anaesthesia for all elective and emergency surgery
  • Maternity services: including high-risk anaesthesia assessment and labour analgesia
  • Endoscopy: anaesthesia/sedation support
  • Anaesthesia for Radiology (CT, MRI) and Audiology
  • Emergency Department: advanced care support
  • All inpatient areas: care of the deteriorating and/or critically ill patient
  • Cardiac Arrest and Trauma teams
  • Neonatal Resuscitation: support to Paediatrics
  • Acute Pain service (hospital)
  • Persistent Pain Service*: in-patient care, out-patient clinic and procedures
  • Intensive Care Unit: 'shared care' model with admitting teams
    Advanced expertise in cardio-respiratory support and acute renal replacement therapy
  • Advanced /complex Intravenous Access: to all patient groups including Oncology
  • Liaison Anaesthesia Assessment for regional surgical services

Level 4 Timaru Hospital
Queen Street

Contact Information

Phone: 03 687 2100 ex. 8349

Referral Information

Persistent Pain Service referral to Outpatient Appointment Office

Lead/Key Clinicians:

Dr Tom Gough - Clinical Director
Dr Peter Doran

Dr Elaine Clark
Dr Russell Rarity
Dr Dana Hirsch
Dr Sofia Huddart
Dr Samantha Kransingh

Dr Liz Page
Dr Tom Gough
Dr Alex Khrapov
Dr Benjamin Simpson
Dr Palanisamy Vijayanand*

Ms Elaine Gilder - Clinical Nurse Specialist: Acute Pain

*Dr Palanisamy provides the Persistent Pain service