Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

An Autism Spectrum Disorder is a life-long developmental disability affecting social and communication skills. People with the disability can also have accompanying learning disabilities; but, whatever their general level of intelligence, everyone with the condition shares a difficulty in making sense of the world.

Because of the differing degrees of severity and variety of manifestations, the term Autism Spectrum Disorder is often used to describe the whole range.


The ASD Service Co-ordinator

  • Receives referrals, with parental consent, for children diagnosed with ASD
  • Provides families with information about ASD and what support is available
  • Refers to appropriate support agencies
  • Co-ordinates services involved for the child with ASD and their families
  • Provides families with a services plan
  • Attends reviews and inter-agency meetings related to the child if required
  • Provides professionals with information about services for children with ASD
  • Reports to the Ministry of Health any identified gaps in services

ASD Services Coordinator
Gardens Block
Timaru Hospital Campus
Queen Street, Timaru

Home Visit Appointments available.

Contact information

Mobile: 027 836 2972

Postal Address:
ASD Services Coordinator
Private Bag 911
Timaru 7910

Referral information

You can access our services by requesting a referral from:

  • Your Paediatrician
  • Your Doctor or Practice Nurse
  • Other Health Professionals
  • Government and Community Agencies

NB: Your child must have a confirmed ASD Diagnosis and be aged 0-19 years. The service is available for up to two years post diagnosis.