Kahanui Wellbeing Project

The Kahanui Wellbeing Project is a co-design with consumer/ tangata whaiora, family/ whānau, tangata whenua and clinicians, to provide platforms for gathering consumer and whānau experience with the Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS) across South Canterbury. We are seeking feedback on all Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS) and input across South Canterbury.

We are wanting to capture the voice and experience from across the community, not just those who access specialist hospital services. The purpose of the Kahanui Wellbeing Project Survey is to help us gather experiences and use it to address concerns and improve services for all.

Please note, the Kahanui Wellbeing Project is not a complaints process, if you wish to make a formal complaint find out how to make a complaint here

To complete the survey:

Please note:

  • Any identifying factors will be de-identified or made anonymous when identifying themes, unless it is required to help identify situations for discussion or following up e.g where there is a safety or harm risk identified
  • Electronic Information obtained as part of the project will be stored with login and password access by the Project Facilitator for the duration of the project
  • Any written documentation will be housed in the Kensington Centre secure clinical notes storeroom. Information will be shared within the project team discussion and summarised non-identifiable versions of the information will be emailed to the project team. It will also be shared with any future focus group participants and contributing individuals. It may also be used to summarise and profile the project teams work locally and potentially nationally
  • The final questions are to help us understand who is participating in our survey, they won't identify you in any way.

To find out more about the Kahanui Wellbeing Project:

Contact Information

Please email MHAS.feedback@ scdhb.health.nz if have any questions.