iCATT (integrated community assessment treatment team)

The purpose of iCATT is to enhance self-management, providing a restorative client-centred, culturally appropriate, responsive integrative service that maintains or enhances functional ability, health and social connectivity to people living in the community.  Clients are supported to maximise independence, to care for themselves and to participate within their community environment for as long as it is safe for them and for those that are providing care to do so.  Where appropriate clients are supported to engage in activities to maintain or improve mobility, strength and balance.

The iCATT team incorporates a single point of entry (SPOE) for all community referrals, and where possible flexible approaches to assessment and treatment characterised by brief and early intervention.

Features of this service are:
  • Single Point of Entry (SPOE), one consistent process for all primary and community health services
  • Integrated interdisciplinary care pathways across primary and secondary. This will include District Nursing and Palliative Care, Allied Health-Community and Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC), CNS within the Multi-condition Hub
  • Defined workforce development tool that matches service need to staff competencies through implementation of Calderdale framework
  • Clear philosophy underpinning care models such as restorative, rehabilitation and self-management
  • Case management available for those with complex case needs
  • Targeted approaches to respective patient need to promote delivery of consistent evidence-based interventions. Ensure care is targeted at those who require it most
How do we get our referrals?

Referral forms for inpatient and community service requests can be found on the hospital service framework, iCATT, forms then emailed to icatt@scdhb.health.nz .

Download referral form here.

For self-referrals either contact your GP for a referral or ring 03 6877114.

ARC/NGO facilities have hard copies of the referrals and email to icatt@scdhb.health.nz.

GP/NP refer through the normal channel of ERMS.