Whānau Room

This area is specifically provided for the benefit of patients and their Whānau/family to use as a place to gather, rest and relax or discuss matters pertaining to their care and support.

  1. Whānau group conferences.
  2. Mihi whakatau (welcome ceremonies).
  3. Kā Riteka – rituals relevant to the patient and their whānau


The Whānau Room is governed by Tikaka Māori (protocol).  Tikaka Māori should be observed by all staff and other people using the facility, for example:

  • Please do not sit or put feet on tables
  • Please do not change pepi on table
  • Please do not sit or put feet on pillows
  • Please do not use kai(food) items, or utensils for anything other than serving or consuming food(e.g. do not use cups, jugs, glasses as vases)
  • Cloths, brushes, etc used for adorning or cleansing body or furniture must not be put on tables, fridge or sink area.
  • The sink and surrounding bench area is restricted to items, or utensils for serving or consuming food.
  • Never wash or tip non-food related items in the sink e.g vases
  • Keep/Leave the room in a clean and tidy condition at all times.

Level 2, Timaru Hospital
Queen Street