Our Values


We will always act with the utmost integrity by:

  • Being transparent, open and honest in our dealings with everyone
  • Ensuring there are no ‘hidden agendas’
  • Working for the common good of our community
  • Responding to others needs within our capacity and capability
  • Cultivating credibility, demonstrating a proven track record through our actions
  • Fostering trust with each other and our community


We will actively collaborate with others by:

  • Consulting with and keeping people well informed
  • Being open to and respectful of others opinions, ideas and ways of doing things
  • Communicating clearly, sharing information in a timely manner in the most appropriate way
  • Responding appropriately when speaking to and in correspondence with others
  • Showing a willingness to negotiate, avoiding dismissive behaviours
  • Involving those people in the decision making process who are most affected by the outcome


We promote accountability by:

  • Taking both personal and collective responsibility for our actions and outcomes
  • Adhering to legislation, standards, policy and due process
  • Doing what we say we’ll do and doing it when we say we’ll do it
  • Taking personal responsibility to work effectively with others
  • Owning up to our own mistakes and learning from these
  • Being punctual fully focussed and committed to the task in hand. 
  • Acknowledging and addressing difficult issues.


We will show respect to all by:

  • Recognising time is a valuable resource, both in the way we use each others time, and the way we use patient’s time
  • Recognising that the diversity of skills within the organisation is a vital part of a vibrant health organisation and treating each person as a valued individual
  • Treating others as we would expect to be treated
  • Acknowledging staff efforts and/or success ensuring credit is given where credit is due
  • Supporting each other in our roles and valuing the contribution each team member makes
  • Having a ‘no blame ‘culture, ensuring feedback is constructive 


We strive for excellence in everything we do by:

  • Embracing evidence based practices in all our activities
  • Never tiring of doing what’s right for our population, delivering the right care at the right time and in the most appropriate setting by the right people
  • Ensuring resources are used wisely to deliver the best service possible to our patients and the community
  • Not tolerating waste
  • Fostering Continuous Quality Improvement and Innovation
  • Cultivating a culture of staff empowerment to make and adapt to change