RMO Programme

Timaru Hospital has a reputation among RMOs in NZ as being a highly rated place to work, with a very supportive management approach. Our positions require individuals with sound, broad-based clinical ability, a highly cooperative team approach, enthusiasm, excellent interpersonal skills, plus the confidence to accept a substantial degree of clinical responsibility.

In return we offer the opportunity for significant professional experience and development, aided largely by the size of Timaru Hospital. The absence of Registrars affords close contact between consultants and residents, increasing the potential for teaching as well as providing greater levels of responsibility and exposure to a broader range of clinical experiences, (e.g. you actually are expected to attend Theatre Sessions to assist your Consultant).

Weekly teaching sessions are scheduled and RMOs participate in regular clinical meetings.


Penny Barlow RMO Manager
South Canterbruy District Health Board
Private Bag 911, Timaru, 7910, New Zealand
Phone: 03 687 2100