Enrolled Nurse Graduate Programme

As a nurse graduate your first year of practice marks the transition from student to competent Enrolled Nurse. We recognise how vital this year is to your development.

We are one of the few DHBs across the country with an enrolled nurse graduate programme. We aim to assist you in further developing your clinical practice and critical thinking skills with a programme and environment that supports your individual needs. Our programme is designed to facilitate the smooth transition from student nurse to Enrolled Nurse.

This 52 week programme offers the following:

  • Positions are likely in the following areas:
    • Surgical, Medical, Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation and District Nursing.
  • A structured orientation including 4 weeks supernumerary supported by an experienced preceptor
  • 3 paid study days designed to meet your learning needs and to support you in your clinical area
  • Extensive range of services offering exposure to a wide variety of learning experiences
  • Support and guidance from our Learning hub staff
  • A teaching DHB with an excellent reputation

Our programme will place you in a role with any one of our wards or departments based on yearly availability.

For more information, phone 03 687 2358.