HWNZ Funding for Postgraduate Study

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) provides leadership, co-ordination and oversight of planning and development of the workforce across New Zealand's health and disability sector. The main aim of HWNZ is to develop a fit-for-purpose health sector workforce that can work across a range of settings and/or specialties, and develop expanded roles and scopes of practice to make better use of existing workforces (HWNZ draft Investment Plan Prioritisation Criteria, 2011).

HWNZ works in partnership with employers, training providers, professional bodies, the business units of the National Health Board and the Ministry of Health to develop and manage the purchase of post entry clinical training for New Zealand health professionals.

South Canterbury DHB enters into a contractual agreement with Health Workforce New Zealand Investment and Purchasing Arm each year for access to funding allocated for postgraduate nursing and midwifery education.

The funding assists South Canterbury DHB to develop the registered nurse nurse and midwifery workforce in provider arm and non-provider arm health care according to planned needs, in response to government priorities, national health policy, and the local annual plan.

Key Information

HWNZ funding is for level 8 study only (eg postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, masters). There are specific criteria for eligibility to receive this funding. These are outlined in the application form.

Successful applications may be eligible for the following funding assistance:  Full tuition fees, travel and accommodation subsidy, contribution towards clinical release payment to employer, contribution towards clinical access or clinical mentoring cost if it is a compulsory requirement of a course and is not provided by the education provider (applies to specific papers only).

Further information regarding eligibility and funding is available from HWNZ website under nursing or midwifery specifications.

For further information regarding the application process for midwifery funded courses, please contact the Clinical Midwifery Manager.

Applications open annually in September and close in October.


Fiona Gale, Post Graduate Coordinator & Learning Hub Advisor
South Canterbury District Health Board
Private Bag 911, Timaru 7940, New Zealand
Phone: 03 687 2384