Advisory and Advocacy Services

The advisory team is located in the Kensington Centre and consists of a Consumer Advisor and a Family Advisor.  They are employed on a part-time basis to represent the views of consumers and their family/whanau in the development of policy, introduction of new services  and review of outcomes.  They liaise with non-government organisations in the community to maintain links and obtain feedback on service delivery. Part of their role is also to provide advice to consumers and their families on what services are available to them, and direct enquiries or complaints to the appropriate people.

The Advisory team also gathers feedback from consumers and family/whanau at various times. This may involve written or telephone surveys, a Consumer and Family Advisory Committee, and occasionally focus groups around specific services.  Obtaining this feedback is essential to giving the management team a true reflection of the perceptions of those interacting with our services.

The Health and Disability Commission's national advocacy service is available by appointment. This service provides free advocacy and support for service users or their family/whanau, and helps to ensure that their rights are being respected by their health provider.

Contact: 0800 555 050

District Inspector

The Mental Health District Inspector is a statutory appointment pursuant to the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment of Treatment) Act.  The District Inspector has certain statutory functions which includes attendances on people who have become subject to compulsory treatment under the Act.  The District Inspector also has power to investigate complaints of breaches of rights under the Act and to enquire into any breach of the Act or regulations as the District Inspector thinks fit.