Strategic Direction

South Canterbury DHB’s strategic direction is discussed in depth in our 10-year South Canterbury Health Services Plan.

It replaces South Canterbury DHB's former Strategic Plan, made obsolete by legislative changes. It will guide service development and strategic direction locally over the next decade while also responding to regional and national initiatives.

The new plan outlines a series of priorities for South Canterbury DHB. These are:

  • prevention and early intervention,
  • ensuring a resilient primary care sector,
  • achieving seamless patient flow,
  • becoming a centre of excellence for older persons care, and
  • offering the best hospital services.

Investment in hospital and community facilities will be needed over the next decade, workforce pressures are evident and the fiscal outlook is certainly challenging. The Health Service Plan, while deliberately not being overly prescriptive, gives us the necessary strategic focus and outlines our priorities for the future.

What does the plan identify as South Canterbury DHB's strengths?

A high level of access to consultant services; Clinical leadership models are developing; Low staff turnover; Financial stability; Confidence of the community; and good health outcomes in many areas.

What does the plan identify as South Canterbury DHB's areas of challenges?
  • Health information: improved sharing of clinical information is a pre-requisite for better integration and coordination among health professionals.
  • Workforce: South Canterbury has historically been an area in which recruitment of some health professional groups is challenging, although retention is high.
  • Networks: It is a high priority to improve regional networks, providing better specialist advice when it is needed, and peer education and support for health professionals.
  • Facilities: The present hospital facility will constrain the effective delivery of care across a range of services for the future.
  • Best practice integration: Some aspects of integration across health service in South Canterbury are good, but there are many areas in which different services could improve coordination around the needs of patients.
Where else can I find information about DHB priorities?

Other key planning and accountability documents are the Annual Plan and the Annual Report.

South Canterbury DHB’s Health Profile shows that the health status of South Cantabrians is the same or slightly better than New Zealanders overall.