| 06 Apr 2020

GPs and Nurses at medical centres around the South Canterbury are concerned that people who really need to be seen are not getting in touch to make appointments. In South Canterbury we have seen a steep decline in consultations during last week.

“It’s really important to phone your GP practice, if you are feeling unwell with any condition or require medical treatment during this lockdown period”, says Nigel Trainor.

To ensure the safety of patients and staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic, GP practices are seeing people in different ways. Your GP may offer a phone or virtual consultation, but if you need to be seen they can still offer face to face appointments.

“Your GP practice will discuss the consultation options with you when you call,” says Nigel Trainor. “This can avoid conditions becoming more serious and people ending up in hospital.

“We need, more so than ever to look after our health, so it’s important we hear from our patients who may be feeling unwell, especially our older and more vulnerable community members.”

More information:

  • If you feel unwell call your local GP to discuss whether you need an appointment, they will let you know what to do next to get the treatment you need. You may be seen in different ways but you’ll still get the right advice from your GP practice team
  • If you want free advice for any condition not relating to COVID-19, you can also call Healthline 0800 611 116.

General reminder about prevention, symptoms and testingAnyone who has developed symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, such as cough, fever or difficult breathing, should contact Healthline 0800 358 5453, or your family GP as they may need testing. Please do not go directly to a pharmacy, GP clinic, or emergency department.

South Canterbury DHB continues to remind the public that the best way they can help with the COVID-19 response is to:

  • Keep two metres physical distance from others
  • Stay home to avoid exposure to illness
  • Practice good personal hygiene and cleaning practices

For more information

  • Help unite against COVID-19

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