| 16 Apr 2021

SCDHB Annouces New Interim CEO

The Board has completed an extensive recruitment process for the role of Interim Chief Executive Officer. We would like to acknowledge all the candidates who have taken part in this process. The Board were impressed, though not surprised, with the calibre of leadership present within our DHB.

On behalf of the Board I am pleased to announce Jason Power has been appointed to the new role, effective Saturday 1 May. This position is an interim position while we await the outcome of the Health and Disability System Review.

The Board are confident in Jason’s ability to lead the DHB during this time of change as he demonstrated a high level, whole-of-system view and understanding of the organisation during the recruitment process.

The Board is conscious that we operate at a time of uncertainty which is difficult, but believe that Jason will be able to maintain the cohesive team we have built together over the years. The Board appeal to staff to rally behind Jason at this time as he enters into the new position.

Jason Power