Disability Support Advisory Committee (DSAC)

DSAC advises on the disability support service (DSS) needs of South Cantabrians and on the priorities for use of DSS funding. DSS includes assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, community-based services aimed at helping the disabled retain independence, and residential care. The committee makes sure that the services provided or funded, and the policies adopted, promote the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in our society, and maximise their independence. Committee meetings, which are open to the public, are usually held every quarter.

Edie MokeChair
Terry KennedyDeputy Chair
Peter BinnsMember
Rene CrawfordMember
Mark RogersMember
John KeenanMember
Suzanne HarrexMember
Suzanne HollickMember
Brenda WarrenMember (MHAC Representative)
Vania PiriniMember (MHAC Representative)