South Canterbury District Health Board

South Canterbury DHB is governed by a Board usually comprised of seven publicly elected and four minister-appointed members who bring their skills and experience on a wide range of policy issues. The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • communicating with the Minister of Health and other stakeholders to ensure their views are reflected  in South Canterbury DHB’s planning,
  • defining specific objectives and delegating responsibility for their achievement to the chief executive,
  • monitoring organisational performance toward achieving stated objectives,
  • reporting to stakeholders on plans and progress toward achieving set objectives,
  • maintaining effective systems of internal control.

A clear division exists between the roles of the Board and management. The Board concentrates on setting policy, approving strategy and monitoring progress toward meeting objectives. Management implements the Board’s policy and strategies. The Board has distinguished these roles by ensuring that the delegation of responsibility and authority to the chief executive is concise and complete.

The Board maintains an interest register and ensures members are aware of their obligation to declare potential conflicts of interests.

Board meetings are held regularly and are open to the public.

Current Board
Ron LuxtonElected Member, Chair
Phil HopeAppointed Member, Deputy Chair
Paul AnnearElected Member
Peter BinnsElected Member
Rene CrawfordElected Member
Raeleen De JouxElected Member
Bruce SmallElected Member
Jo GoodhewElected Member
Karl Te RakiAppointed Member
Suran DicksonAppointed Member